The UN has the SDG’s for global challenges, so where are the CDG’s (Childhood Development Goals) for children?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as of 2015

What happens when you search for CDG’s?

What lists of CDG’s currently exist?

Are CDG’s part of the SDG’s?

Why do we need CDG’s?

“The CDG’s are a set of goals that matter to the development of young children — no matter their background, what community they live in, or what resources they have in their lives. This set of goals supports brain development at its most critical stage — including nervous system and immune system development — which shapes the trajectory of physical, mental, and behavioral well being throughout adulthood.

What could the CDG’s look like?

“Too many children are still missing out on the ‘eat, play, and love’ their brains need to develop. Put simply, we don’t care for children’s brains the way we care for their bodies.” (UNICEF)

Why the CDG’s matters to me?

What are your thoughts?



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