“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”


Words are arbitrary points of meaning. As Shakespeare pointed out in Romeo & Juliet, you can call a rose by a thousand other names, and it would still smell just as divine.

I remember when I met the leader of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. Instead of Adam Lerner’s title being executive director or president, his title was chief animator, and it was a title he chose himself. That threw me for a loop. What the heck did that mean? …

(This piece of advice is for professionals of all types — experts, generalists, and definitely hybrid professionals.)

You’re looking for a new job — maybe you haven’t needed to apply for awhile — and what’s the first thing you think to do? For most people, it’s updating or rewriting their resume.

Since resumes are required for most job applications, this makes sense. But, this is NOT the first place to start.

The major mistake professionals make who are on the job hunt is jumping straight into resume updates. Of course, you’ll need to polish all of your resume sections eventually…

“If you combine two skills that are valuable, but even more are rare and therefore more valuable together,…automatically you have a competitive advantage that lands you in the top decile of earning power.” — Tim Ferriss

What are you an expert in?

One thing? Two things? Three things? Too many to count? If you have many areas of expertise, you’re not alone. It’s becoming common for people to possess deep knowledge in multiple domains. That’s where it becomes tricky because society still holds the (outdated) belief that you can only have one form of expertise. Otherwise they peg you as a generalist, even though you’re not.

The belief that experts are better than generalists or vice versa causes strife and conflict for hiring, promotion, and career transitions. Job seekers and employees have to show what they’re good at and best in, or…

Before I knew I was, and could be, a hybrid professional, I thought it was best to minimize my multiple professional identities and spotlight only the one or two that employers wanted to hire me for. Looking for a teacher? I can teach. Need a program manager? I can manage programs. Looking for someone experienced with community relations and event planning? I can do both.

When I passed the application screening and made it to the interview stage, I did my best to look like and sound like what the future employer wanted. I thought it was best not to…

Resumes are about identity as much as they’re about describing work history. Typically, we see resumes as tools to summarize and capture our accomplishments and strengths. We don’t think about them as being snapshots of identity and how we’ve transformed over time.

A template of how I layout my hybrid resume.

However, what we do is not synonymous with who we are. Just because someone does marketing, doesn’t mean they’re only a marketer.

My career history began in teaching, and my job title was teacher. The word “teacher” was the dominant identity employers saw in my resume. Yet, that’s not who I really was or how I saw myself…

You may not know it, but when I embarked on this research journey, the concept of hybrid professionals was inspired by diversity studies on race, class, and gender. Specifically, I learned about intersectionality, a term coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, and thought to myself, “Huh, could this be applied to the strand of identity we consider our professional identity? If we have multiple identities at work, then is there intersectionality among them?” And through my research, I validated that there is.

Intersectionality argues that you can’t separate a person into parts. You have to look at how race, class, and gender…

Photo by Tony Ross, Unsplash

Who’s heard of the hybrid job economy? Or hybrid roles? Or hybrid professionals? A few of you, but not many. That’s about to change because…work is rapidly changing.

Since early March 2020:

  • Millions of employees shifted to remote work in a matter of weeks.
  • The unemployment rate skyrocketed to 4.4% (and it hasn’t peaked) and many are gig economy workers, self-employed, and small business owners.
  • And, recent labor statistics show that the average worker changes jobs 12 times in a lifetime.

We’re living in the age of accelerations, a term coined by Thomas Friedman. Multiple accelerations in technology, climate, and…

Let’s set the record straight. There are three different types of professional identity in the workforce. The commonly known types are singularity (meaning experts and specialists), and multiplicity (meaning generalists or multi-talented). The third type, hybridity, is missing.

It’s time we add hybridity to our list of professional options because workers are struggling to be seen and valued for combining their identities together. Most professionals don’t know to call themselves a hybrid professional because they’ve never heard of it before.

The difference between multipotentialites and hybrids is that hybrids connect their identities together.

What are the key things we need to do to ensure all children grow up to be healthy, competent adults who reach their full potential? That shouldn’t be a hard question to answer, but it turns out it’s currently “un-googleable.”

If you want to know the fundamental things young children (between ages 0–8) need to thrive, there isn’t a simple cheat sheet, but there should be.

Humans are complex, so I’m not expecting child development to be one or two variables. Years ago, the United Nations created a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to describe the things we need…

A funny thing happened recently. I got a new job. Not just any job, something that I pretty much think I was born to do.

Let me describe how I finally found my calling.


You know how people tell you to find what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life? Or to match your passions with what the world needs, and in the overlapping space is the type of work you should do? Well, I can’t say I was ever any good at doing those exercises. …

Sarabeth Berk, Ph.D.

Creative Disruptor I Innovation Strategist I Systems Builder #MoreThanMyTitle #HybridProfessional

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